When acute pain makes it difficult even to move, Painzen comes to relieve all pain including bone, muscle, ligament, disc, knee, joint and spondylitis. It is effective even in rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Gandhpura (Gaultheria Fragrantissima)

  • Kapura (Cinnamomum camphora)

  • Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus globulus)

  • Terpentine Oil (Pinus Longifolia)

  • Aranda Oil (Ricinus Communis)

  • Arnica Oil (Arnica montana)

  • Ajowain Oil (Ptychotis ajowan)

  • Lemon Grass Oil (Cymbopogon Citratus)

  • Pudina Phool (Mentha Piperita)

  • Til Oil (Sesamum indicum)



One to two capsules a day with water after meal or as directed by the physician.